Reservation and Space Rentals

Thank you for expressing interest in renting space at VŠE. After filling out the form, we will contact you with a customized offer. Our spaces offer a wide range of possibilities for organizing conferences, lectures, presentations, parties, and sports events. We also provide all supporting services such as marketing, staffing, cultural programs, catering services, photography, and more.

When filling out the reservation form, please note that, based on the current directive, the following deadlines must be respected:

  • For less complex and smaller events with up to 100 people, the form must be completed 12 days before the event.
  • In the case of events with more than 100 attendees or events that deviate from the standard events at VŠE (in terms of scale or potential risks), EC VŠE must be informed of the event at least 30 days before its realization.


By filling out the form, you acknowledge that there may be photography documentation during the event.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you about the options for placing directional signs, which are one of the additional event services we are happy to provide. When using this service, please consider that it is necessary to respect safety exit routes, and therefore, signs can only be placed within the VŠE Žižkov campus in the areas marked green as indicated in the plan below available for download.

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