Events for students and graduates

The Event Centre is a specialized department responsible for organizing and coordinating internal events that bring vibrancy and diversity to the university environment.

All students, student organizations, and university staff can utilize our services for organizing their events. The Event Center provides comprehensive support, including the management and reservation of suitable spaces, technical equipment, promotion, and other logistical aspects necessary for the successful execution of events.

Among the internal events we currently organize are activities for prospective students (e.g., open house and welcome events), current students (e.g., VŠE Representative Ball, Talent of VŠE, Birthday of VŠE, student events, or ceremonial celebrations), and alumni (e.g., Alumni Golf). However, upon request, we can also provide support and technical facilities for entirely different types of events that are most suitable for a particular occasion.

We believe that together we will ensure the realization of high-quality events for all interested parties and contribute to the future collaboration on further events, leading to continuous improvement not only of our services but also of the overall environment at the university.

What are we going to do together?

  1. Fill in the order form.

  2. Together we will fine-tune the details of the event according to your wishes.

  3. The event centre will arrange all facilities, technology, administration, staff, catering and marketing.

  4. During the event you can contact us in case of any complications.

  5. After the event, we will provide you with feedback from participants and video or photo documentation.

  6. We will ask for your feedback so that we can continue to improve our service.

Open House days at the Prague University of Economics and Business are events designed to introduce the school and its study programs to prospective students. During these days, visitors can gain an overview of the academic environment, get to know the faculties, learn about study programs, and engage in discussions with students and instructors.

The Event Center is responsible for the overall organization and coordination of the event. Our team handles program preparation and planning, space reservations, technical equipment, and the provision of informational materials, maps, and promotional materials to help visitors navigate through the event and obtain comprehensive information about the school. Additionally, we provide personnel to accompany visitors around the campus, answer their questions, and introduce them to individual faculties and study programs.


Welcome Events are weekend events held before the start of the semester at one of the off-campus locations, where new students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the university environment, build new friendships, and gather valuable information for their academic lives.

Our team prepares an interactive program aimed at promoting interaction among new students. We also handle logistical matters, such as space reservations, technical equipment, and coordination.

Talent of VŠE is a prestigious talent competition that aims to discover and support the artistic and creative potential of students. Students participate in the competition with various artistic expressions, including musical performances, dance routines, theatrical presentations, visual and literary displays, and more. The Event Center ensures that all participants have access to professional facilities and resources needed to showcase their talent in the best light.

In this regard, the Event Center plays a key role as the organizer and moderator of this competition, handling everything from planning and organization to the actual conduct of the competition. We provide suitable spaces, technical equipment, and all logistical support for performances and presentations by finalists. Additionally, we coordinate applications, registrations, and all necessary administrative matters related to the competition.

The VŠE Representative Ball is an annual formal event that offers students, staff, and alumni the opportunity to come together, dance to live music, or enjoy performances by the Talent of VŠE finalists. The Event Center plays the role of organizer for this ball, which has become one of the most significant social and cultural events at the university.

Our team works on planning, preparations, and the conduct of this special event. We ensure attractive spaces suitable for an evening of dancing, as well as technical equipment such as lighting and sound systems that contribute to a pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, we handle event promotion, program creation, reservation coordination, ticket management, and all other logistical and organizational aspects of the ball.

Birthday of VŠE is an annual event held at the VŠE campus in Jarov, aiming to bring together students, staff, alumni, and the wider public to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Prague University of Economics and Business. The name was changed from the Rector’s Sports Day on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the university’s founding.

Our team ensures the spaces and equipment needed for various program activities, including faculty competitions and performances by Talent of VŠE finalists. We also coordinate logistics, event registration, and other organizational matters, including program creation, in collaboration with student organizations.

In addition to other events, student organizations at the Prague University of Economics and Business also organize a wide range of activities and experiences for students. Their programs may include workshops, lectures, various competitions, cultural and sports events, and other social gatherings.

Our team participates in the coordination and logistical support of these events, providing suitable spaces, technical equipment, and assistance in planning and executing programs. The Event Center is also involved in promoting and communicating these events to ensure maximum student participation.

This collaboration between the Event Center and student organizations brings diversity and energy to the university environment and strengthens the active student scene at the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Together with the school management and individual faculties, we participate in the organization and hosting of events attended by friends of the school and prominent figures in academic life. These are ceremonial events that often involve the inauguration of a new rector, pro-rectors, deans, or graduation ceremonies.

On April 22, 2022, the inauguration of Doc. Ing. Petr Dvořák, Ph.D., as the new rector of VŠE took place. New prorectors were also appointed. The ceremony was attended by numerous prominent figures from the realms of society, politics, and academia.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, the Event Center organized the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Professor List, an expert in experimental economics. Professor List received his doctorate during a ceremonial event in the Vencovského Auditorium followed by his expert lecture on “The Voltage Effect: How to Make Good Ideas Great and Great Ideas Scale”.

In collaboration with the Faculty of International Relations, the Event Center worked on the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Professor Tirole, a Nobel laureate in economics. Professor Tirole, an expert in the fields of industrial organization theory, game theory, and regulation, delivered an expert lecture on “The Economics of the Common Good, Meritocracy, and Social Justice.”

In collaboration with the Alumni Center, we also organize events for alumni of VŠE, providing them with the opportunity to meet, connect, and establish contacts among former students. These events aim to provide alumni with a platform for sharing their professional successes, experiences, and inspiration. During these events, various programs and activities take place, including lectures by successful alumni, panel discussions, social gatherings, and sports activities. In this manner, both centers contribute to maintaining a strong alumni network, supporting their professional development, and strengthening the bonds between alumni and the university.

The Event Center engages in the organization of these events by providing suitable spaces, technical equipment, and additional logistical support. Both centers also assist in promotional and communication activities to ensure maximum involvement of alumni attendees.

Events for students and graduates
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