Events for non-school subjects

The Event Center is a specialized department responsible for coordinating external events on the premises of VŠE, intending to enhance the significance of the Prague University of Economics and Business in the professional and business world, creating a space for knowledge exchange, supporting innovation, and fostering the development of the academic community on one hand, and promoting the organizer and expanding professional networks on the other.

Companies, organizations, and private entities can use our services for the organization of their events. The Event Center offers comprehensive support, including space management and reservation, technical equipment, promotion, staffing, event manager services during the event, and the coordination of other logistical aspects necessary for the successful execution of the event.

We believe that together we will ensure the realization of high-quality events for all interested parties which will strengthen collaboration on further events, leading to continuous improvement not only of our services but also of the overall environment at the VŠE.

What are we going to do together?

  1. Fill in the order form.

  2. Together we will fine-tune the details of the event according to your wishes.

  3. The event centre will arrange all facilities, technology, administration, staff, catering and marketing.

  4. During the event you can contact us in case of any complications.

  5. After the event, we will provide you with feedback from participants and video or photo documentation.

  6. We will ask for your feedback so that we can continue to improve our service.

Services we offer:


Technical Support:


  • Selection and reservation of suitable space
  • Provision of dressing rooms and facilities
  • Event concept design
  • Catering arrangements
  • Parking on the VŠE premises
  • Clear navigation through the campus of VŠE
  • Registration desk at the entrance
  • Administrative support
  • Space decoration


  • Provision of audiovisual equipment and other technical resources
  • Graphic design of event materials
  • Advertising within the premises of VŠE
  • Advertising on the VŠE website
  • Creation of an event website



  • Event moderator
  • The presence of an event manager
  • Support staff
  • Hostessing
  • Photographer (photo or video)
  • Provision of interpretation services
  • Musical or other cultural performances

Types of events we organise

Companies and organizations have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of events that the Event Center currently organizes. However, our team is not limited to these events, and it is possible to organize a unique type of event tailored to your specific needs.


Career Events

Career events are an effective way for companies and organizations to promote job vacancies and connect with talented students and graduates of VŠE. It also serves as an efficient way to raise awareness about the organization, not only among potential employees but also among potential customers.

The Job Fair ŠANCE is a highly sought-after event among students, held every semester, where companies and organizations can present their job vacancies, internship opportunities, and career development prospects. Even during the pandemic, this event continued virtually as “ŠANCE Islands” so you don’t have to worry about any cancelation in the future. Our team can provide exhibition space for showcasing individual companies, offer marketing support, technical equipment, staff, and continuous supervision by our event managers throughout the event. More information about the fair is available on the event’s website:

This event is organized repeatedly and serves to introduce the banking sector and career growth opportunities in this industry. The event consists of lectures or workshops organized by participating institutions and is primarily aimed at students of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, but students from other faculties with an interest in this sector are also welcome. Our team can offer panel discussions with bank representatives, organize expert lectures, presentations, and networking opportunities for students and graduates. We also provide technical support, space reservation, catering services, photographer services, and other necessary services for a smooth event.

Rendez-vous à la française

A one-time event similar to the Job Fair ŠANCE but with a focus on French companies.

Lunch break

This is an event organized several times per semester, primarily aimed at raising visibility for the company, however, companies also often share job opportunities among the participants of this event. Similar events may be available on the website of VŠE Career Center.

Other similar events may be available on the VŠE Career Centre website.

Promotional Events

Promotional events aim to increase awareness of a company’s products, services, or brand. Benefits for companies in the form of company promotional materials (such as roll-up banners and gift bags provided by the company), at least two mentions of collaboration by the event moderator, the opportunity for a company representative to participate, the inclusion of the company’s logo in event promotion, and the incorporation of the company’s logo in event photo and video reports.

Lunch break aims to offer students and university staff a chance to relax and gain valuable information about the company hosting the event while enjoying provided refreshments. Companies have access to outdoor space for setting up catering booths along with banners and promotional materials. Additionally, companies have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the participants through personal interactions or brochures. This presentation may include information about the company, job opportunities, benefits, organizational culture, and projects undertaken by the company.

The company organizing the Lunch break provides various types of meals and refreshments to the event participants free of charge. These can include light snacks, salads, sandwiches, hot dogs, mini burgers, beverages, and desserts.

Lunch break is an event that allows the company to directly engage with potential candidates and provide them with a pleasant and informative environment. The Event Centre, as the coordinator, ensures the smooth flow of the event and supports the company in achieving its goals.

Companies can become partners for specific internal events at VŠE, gaining promotional benefits similar to those of promotional events. In some cases, company booths and representatives can be present at the event.

Examples of such events include:

  • Birthday of VŠE
  • Talent of VŠE
  • Athlete of VŠE
  • VŠE Representative Ball
  • Welcome events for study programs
  • VŠE Golf Tours
  • Alumni Bowling
  • VŠE Open House Day
  • Startup Festivals

Teambuilding, Employee Events, and Training

The Event Center team has experience organizing smaller events that can be designed as training sessions or employee events. Examples include off-site meetings for student associations or faculty board meetings. We can organize a similar event for you and handle all organizational matters, including space reservations, technical support, catering, staffing, and photo and video recording.


Lectures, Conferences, and Workshops

For organizations, these events provide a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise to the audience and enhance their brand reputation, establish professional relationships, and exchange ideas with other attendees. For them, on the other hand, it offers a chance to deepen their knowledge and skills, gain inspiration, and engage in discussions with experts and fellow attendees.


Events for non-school subjects