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The VŠE Event Center (EC) is a part of the Alumni & Corporate Relations. The EC consists of students and alumni of VŠE, who have been making the biggest events our university has held for over 10 years. Some of the most prominent events include Career Fair ŠANCE, VŠE Ball, Alumni evening as well as the Introductory Camp for students.

The Event Centre is here to help the Prague University of Economics and Business, its faculties, workplaces, employees, partners and student societies. The EC helps the aforementioned with organization or co-organizations of social events. We can provide all support activities such as marketing, catering, personnel, cultural program or ex-post satisfaction survey.

The students of VŠE are offered a chance to collaborate with the EC as organizational or administrative interns.

What we do:

The activities of the EC include, among others, the co-organization of conferences that take place on the premises of the school.

On June 2 and 3, 2022, the 166th meeting of the Plenum of the Czech Conference of Rectors and a joint meeting of Czech and Slovak rectors, organized by the Event Center, took place at the University of Economics in Prague. Approximately 60 rectors discussed the current problems of Czech and Slovak education. Former Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Petr Gazdík, Chairman of the National Accreditation Office Ivan Barančík and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Smolek also took part in the conference.

The event center has started negotiations on the organization of other conferences, mainly the prestigious EMAC conference and the IMPS conference. It was in the case of the IMPS conference that we had the honor of showing the premises of the school to the chairperson of the conference, Irinia Moustaki from LSE.

The event center also organized the XML Prague 2022 conference, helped organize the 30th anniversary celebrations of the FIS faculty, prepared the organization of the Eurorébus competition and also organized the anniversary celebrations of the ESN VŠE student association.

The event center cooperates with the management of the school and individual faculties to organize events, which are often attended by friends of the school as well as important figures of academic life. It is a celebratory event, which includes, for example, the inauguration of a new rector, new vice-rectors and deans, graduation or the awarding of honorary doctorates.

In cooperation with the Faculty of Economics, the Event Center prepared the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Professor List, an expert in the field of experimental economics. Professor List received his doctorate on May 16 at a ceremony in the Vencovský Hall, which was followed by his expert lecture on “The Voltage Effect: How to Make Good Ideas Great and Great Ideas Scale”.

The Event Center collaborated with the Faculty of International Relations to present an honorary doctorate to Professor Tirole, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics. The professor, who is an expert in the theory of industrial organizations, game theory and regulation, delivered his expert lecture on the topic “The Economics of the common good, meritocracy and social justice”

The Event Center in cooperation with the Partner Center has prepared a new concept of regular events, the so-called “Lunch Breaks”, during which the company offers small refreshments to students in the courtyard of the Rajská building. The aim of this event is to introduce students to the business environment and connect them with companies. During the past academic year, we prepared two lunch breaks with PwC and one with Mazars. In all three cases, we managed to attract a large number of students who could learn more about the companies while enjoying good food. Both companies have already expressed interest in dates in the next academic year.

At the same time, in close cooperation with the Partner Center, we prepared a photo shoot for the school’s partners, specifically with the companies Mazars, Kaufland, Profinit and Adastra.

We also toured the school with the Škoda company, where we established contact for events that Škoda could organize at the school.

Traditionally, the Event Center in cooperation with other ACR centers ensured the logistics of the ŠANCE fair, during which we welcomed more than 120 companies and prepared workshops aimed at developing the work potential of our students. From the spring of 2021, the ŠANCE trade fair takes place in two variants – in person and in virtual form. The face-to-face fair takes place twice a year (in April and October) on the premises of the Prague University of Economics and Busines, specifically in the atrium of the Rajská building. The fair always takes place from Tuesday to Thursday and every day we offer a place for presentations to other companies and institutions, but in case of great interest we are also able to offer multi-day participation. During the fair, employers have the opportunity to address both students and graduates of VŠE and present them with current job offers and internships or simply present themselves and thus get more into the subconscious as an attractive employer. The fair offers a unique opportunity to get in touch with current and future graduates and approach them with a job offer now or in the future. More information can be found on the fair’s website: sance.vse.cz

Every year in November, in cooperation with the Department of Banking and Insurance at VŠE and together with the largest Czech banks Česká spořitelna, ČSOB and Komerční banka, we organize the Bank Profession Day. The aim of the cooperation between VŠE and leading Czech banks is to present the specifics of work in banking and to introduce students to interesting and promising work. Participants have the opportunity to meet representatives of all banks and thus gain different perspectives on the companies in question. All detailed information about the event will be published in due course. Information on past years can be found here: https://denbank.vse.cz

On Wednesday, April 27, in the premises of the dormitories in Jarov, the event center in cooperation with CTVS prepared the Rector’s Sports Day and the Battle of the Faculties. It was attended by more than a thousand students from all faculties, who competed together for the traveling Rector’s Cup. In addition to the rich sports program, DJ Diplomatiq and the band Jokers, both graduates of the Prague University of Economics and Business, performed with their musical sets. The whole event took place in a pleasant, sporty and relaxed spirit.

On Saturday, May 28, the Event Center in cooperation with the Alumni Center prepared another sports event, which was the first ever golf tournament. More than 60 graduates competed for a total of 6 cups in different categories. Throughout the day, graduates enjoyed a family atmosphere combined with networking.

The event center participates in the co-organization of introductory courses, which are traditionally a great place for networking of future freshmen. Introductory courses are divided not only according to faculties, but also according to study programs. Registrations for the year 2022 have already started.

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